BR-S13 for TPU

BR-S13 is a new flame retardant specially developed for thermoplastic polyurethane, in different applications like TPU film, TPU circuit, or TPU glue, etc. When used alone, the transparency of TPU materials will be retained. When used in combination with MCA, significant synergistic effect was shown. To reach UL V0, a much lower dosage level is needed, which improves the mechanical properties significantly.


1. Materials

Polyether TPU: WHAHUA WHT-81085

Flame Retardants: Inovia BR-S13, BASF MC25


2. Processing

2.1 Drying: 85℃, 4h.

2.2 Mix BR-S13 with WHT-81085, then add MC25.

2.3 Extrusion temperature: 175~190℃

2.4 Injection temperature: 150~165 ℃; mold temperature: 50℃


3. Application Example Data

Table 1 Flame Retarding Performance

Table 2. Physical Properties

Note: The test standard is ASTM D 412. 

Table 3. Hydrolysis Resistance

Note: The test temperature is 80℃ at water bath.


Table 4. Flame Retardant Formulations for Different TPUs

TPU Retardant BR-S13-SDS-US.pdf

TPU Retardant BR-S13_TDS.pdf