CR-M1431 for GF enforced PA66 (brooming proof)

Inovia CR-M1431 is a new halogen-free flame retardant developed for 30% glass fiber reinforced PA66. It can afford UL rating of V0 at 0.8mm and 1.6mm and has no deposition for above 1000h (85℃, 85%RH). Compared to conventional flame retardant, flame retardancy is more stable, mechanical properties obtained are better.


1. Materials

PA66: Shenma EPR 27

Flame retardant: Inovia CR-M1431

Glass fiber: Jushi EDR14-2000-988A


2. Processing

2.1 Drying: 110℃, 4~6 hours.

2.2 Extrusion temperature: 240~285℃

2.3 Injection temperature: 270~285℃; mold temperature: 80~100℃


3. Application Example Data


Table 1. Flame Retarding Properties


Table 2. Mechanical and thermal properties


Table 3. Other properties


Reinforced PA66 Retardant CR-M1431_SDS.pdf

Reinforced PA66 Retardant CR-M1431_TDS.pdf