AR-S11 for PMMA

Inovia AR-S11 is a newly developed halogen-free flame retardant for acrylate polymers. It can afford acrylate polymers superior retarding performance while not affecting its transparency, which is the first case ever in the whole world. It can be used for extruding and casting products.


1. Materials


Flame retardant: Inovia AR-S11


2. Processing

2.1 Drying: 80℃ for 4h in a vacuum oven.

2.2 Extrusion temperature: 210~230℃

2.3 Injection temperature: 215~230℃; mold temperature: 60℃


Note: AR-S11 can be added during polymerization or during modification steps. If the additive is added during modification, liquid side feeder is recommended. The processing temperature can be about 20°C lower than that for the virgin resin. Too high extrusion temperature or shearing force need to be avoided.


3. Application Example Data

Table 1. Flame Retardancy

Table 2. Optical Properties

Table 3. Mechanical, Thermal Properties

PMMA Retardant AR-S11-SDS US.pdf

PMMA Retardant AR-S11_TDS.pdf