MB-PC10C Masterbatch of DR-S15

MB-PC10C is a master-batch of Inovia DR-S15 with a 10% active component. It can achieve UL94 V0 flame retardant level for PC plastics in the thickness range of 0.05-1.6mm and fully maintain the transparency of PC plastics. The transparency of the obtained flame-retardant PC film is kept intact. It can be used in terminal markets such as battery packaging/packaging, electronic device displays, etc.


1. Materials

PC: Kesichuang PC 2805

Flowing agent masterbatch: Inovia MB-PC10C

2. Processing 

2.1 Drying: 85 ℃, 4~5 h.

2.2 Extrusion temperature: 185~195 ℃

2.3 Injection temperature: 185~195 ℃; Mold temperature: 60 ℃

Note: "TPU" in the chart refers to TPU pure resin processed material.

3. Physical property data of mobile modified TPU

Table 1. Flame retardant performance

Table 2. Optical performance (including photos)

Table 3. Thermal performance: (glass transition temperature/thermal deformation/Vicat)

Table 4. Tensile and bending resistance properties of flame-retardant PC sheets

Table 5. Melt index and rheological properties

The results showed that adding 30% PC flame retardant masterbatch increased the melt index of PC by more than 200%; The torque of flame-retardant PC at 240 ℃ is basically the same as that of PC raw material at 270 ℃, so the processing temperature can be reduced by about 30 ℃ compared to PC 2805. Therefore, by reducing the processing temperature, the melt finger can be adjusted to the optimal processing range.


MB-PC10C is a master-batch of DR-S15 with 10% active component. It can be used to make transparent PC film, sheet, and thin-walled injection molding parts. It can significantly lower the processing temperature by 20-30 degrees,

PC Retardant Masterbatch MB-PC10C-SDS.pdf

PC Retardant Masterbatch MB-PC10C-TDS.pdf