CR-M55105 for PA6 (V0@0.4mm)

Inovia CR-M55105 is a new halogen-free flame retardant developed for PA6 plastics. Adding about 11% would reach UL94 V0 at 0.4mm. 0.8mm or 1.6mm would require about 13% dosage level to reach UL V0. The retarding performance is quite stable, which is different from MCA retardant. The mechanical properties and thermal properties of the PA6 flame retardant plastics are excellent.


1. Materials

PA6: Juheshun PA6-J2700

Retardant: Inovia CR-M55105


2. Processing

2.1 Drying: 100°C, 4~6 hours.  

2.2 Extrusion temperature: 220/240/235/235/225/220/215/215/225/235°C

2.3 Injection temperature:240~250°C; mold temperature: 70~80°C

Note: "PA6" in the diagram refers to PA6 pure resin after extruding.


3. Application Example Data

Table 1. Flame Retarding Properties

Table 2. Mechanical and thermal properties

Table 3. Other properties

PA6 Retardant CR-M55105_TDS.pdf

PA6 Retardant CR-M55105-SDS US.pdf