CR-M1631C Masterbatch of CR-M1631 (97% active component)

Inovia CR-M1631C is a master batch of CR-M1631 with 96% active component, developed for glass fiber reinforced PA6. It can afford UL rating of V0 at 0.8mm and 1.6mm and has no deposition for above 3000h (85℃, 85%RH). The master batch helps to control dust pollution. Compared to CR-M1631, dosage level required to afford V0@1.6mm is lower and, consequently, the application cost is lower.


1. Materials

PA6: Juheshun PA6-J2700

Flame retardant: Inovia CR-M1631C

Glass fiber: Jushi EDR14-2000-988A


2. Processing

2.1 Drying: 110 ℃, 4~6 h.

2.2 Extrusion temperature: 220~250 ℃

2.3 Injection temperature: 230~250 ℃; mold temperature: 80 ℃


3. Application Example Data


Table 1. Flame Retarding Properties

Table 2. Mechanical and thermal properties

Table 3. Other properties


CR-M1631C is a masterbatch with 97% active component CR-M1631. It is easier to control dust pollution and helps to lower the dosage required to obtain V0@1.6mm.

Reinforced PA6 Retardant CR-M1631C (Blomming Proof)_SDS.pdf

Reinforced PA6 Retardant CR-M1631C (Blomming Proof)_TDS.pdf