Ionic liquids — salts in a liquid state at ambient conditions — make up a fascinating family of materials whose unique physical properties have made them highly sought after for many challenging applications.

Inovia Materials LLC is the first company in the world to patent and commercialize ionic liquids for polymer additive applications. The negligible volatility and ionic nature of our products will keep the additives from leaching out and evaporating into the environment. Therefore, direct exposure to human beingsis avoided.   Additionally, our flame retardant products are halogen free and our plasticizer products are phthalate free.No degradation products are formed to impose toxic concerns to people's health. At the same time, the tailorable structure and composition of our products makes it feasible to provide superior retarding or plasticizing performances, and to enhance physical, mechanical, thermal, optical and other properties of polymers treated.

The great technology innovations at Inovia Materials LLC lead to a healthier environment and products with enhanced properties.Our current product portfolio include flame retardants, plasticizers and processing aids, and also find application in furniture, textiles, electronics, building, and transportation products.