Consulting and Testing Services

Need help with additive selections or sample evaluations? Our experienced consultant team can help to answer any questions you have regarding additive selection, process optimization, sample evaluation, and / or industrial standards. Our lab also has reasonable prices on sample evaluation. Our testing capabilities include: flammability, mechanical properties, thermal properties, and many others.

Contract R&D Service

Need to develop individualized formulations for your products? We are here to help you. Our R&D team is here to listen to you, to understand your needs, to propose the most novel yet economical approaches, and to deliver most satisfying results. We will be your reliable partner for new product development.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Need to manufacture customized products? Our manufacturing plants and our associate plants in Asia can handle additive manufacturing, drying, mixing, plastic compounding, etc. You can be assured by our commitment to quality control, intellectual property protection and on-time delivery!